Residential building De Baronie

In the redevelopment project GrootBaronie (Greater Barony) the old Chocolate and Bonbon factory “De Baronie” plays a central role. The original office wing, canteen building, production building and production hall have been renovated, and all non-original attachments have been demolished. On the vacated land a new residential building existing of 74 apartments and a shopping building with two parking levels have been built.

The residential building consists of a high tower, an elongated building block and a turned end unit. The tower is a landmark in Alphen, the height of the long building block fits in the profile of the residential street and the turned end unit focuses the building on the main local road. The colour and material of the new construction matches chocolate factory, but the vertical and oblique lines are in contrast with the horizontal and minimalistic architecture of the old factory.






Van der Vorm


IBB Kondor