Living alongside the major rivers

Ecological living along side a major river. In order to make this old wharf area suitable for this purpose, the quay wall has to be demolished, the grounds outside of the dike are lowered and the natural banks of the watercourses reduced. The river houses permanently float with the alternation of ebb and flow. The houses in the floodplain will only float at very high water, on average once every ten years. The houses on the dike are standing high and dry above the highest water level.

Soil is moved from the river to the embankment in a closed soil system. The 2 under 1 roof and the joined townhouses are located on the resulting expansion enjoying an expansive view over the river. The detached villas in the floodplain and the walkways to the river houses float when the water is high. If the water level drops the special design of the foundation and floats allows the houses and walkways to return to their original position.




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