Living ecological within a closed building block with a surprising inner garden. The houses are built according to the S2 Ecozuil (ecological column) principle: the service and circulation spaces (circuit board, toilet, kitchen, bathroom, storage room, shaft and stairs) are situated in the middle and the living room and bedrooms lie on the façade side. This keeps the pipes short and provides an optimum use of daylight. On the roof of the column sunlight and rain water are collected and ventilation air is disposed of in a natural way.

The façade facing the public road, with its vertical windows and horizontal bands, fits in the stately town image of The Hague. The shape of the other facades and the design of the inner garden are determined by the inhabitants: ecological materials, vegetation on facades and roofs. The common garden provides space for a vegetable garden, a compost heap, ornamental gardens, greenhouses, chickens, a clubhouse and a pond that purifies waste water from the communal washing machines.




Stichting Vormidabel, Ceres Projecten


Sustainmanagers, Bergcab