From hangar to loft

The huge hangar on the former shipyard at the Van Brienenoordbridge matches the size of the wide rivers. The enormous grounds can even accommodate 6 more of such volumes. Because no approval is given to new building projects of this magnitude, S2 researched the possibilities of rehabilitation.

The dimensions of the hangar are 130 x 48 x 26 meter. In the hangar is room for 6 storeys around a light court on top of a continuous ground floor of shops and parking. The lofts with a maximum size of 1000 m3 and 15 m1 are situated above the ground floor. There are 3 types of lofts: 1 layer of 3 modules, 2 layers of 2 modules or 3 layers of 1 module wide. A surprising façade emerges by alternating these types of lofts. They can be utilised as a home, office, cinema, gym, school or hotel.




TRS Rotterdam


BDP Khandekar