Restaurant Villa d’Este

Restaurant villa d’ Este is placed as a detached property in the city park of Amstelveen. If you walk around this property the composition of two opposing rising volumes continues to change. Seen from the road the high façade can be seen next to the low horizontal entrance with its broad canopy as a signboard. From the park you notice the broad gradually sloping grass roof and the high small window of the small room.

The oblique lines and the sloping roofs even provide a surprising picture from the inside. At the entrance the grand lunch room with its vertical windows forms a pleasant contrast with the low intimate entryway. In the main room the guest’s line of sight is focused on the outside terrace through the low horizontal windows, while the high window in the small room pulls the guests look deeper into the park.




Maria Crobu en Antioco Contini


Van der Vorm, Adviesbureau Maat