An angled 18-storey tower on a rectangular low building of 3 to 7 storyes. The low building blends in with the surrounding street pattern. The double high entrance hall and the ornamental garden are located between the office wing on the service road and the parking garage along the high way. Pedestrians can cut the corner and walk under the building. The angled positioning of the tower provides a varied view. From the A10 high way the building sometimes looks slender and floating, sometimes broad and solid. From Sloterdijk station the pedestrian first sees the slender form on a broad base, but at the tram stop he sees a massive volume standing heavy on its slender legs.

The façades of the high-rise and low-rise are different. In the high-rice your line of sight is guided toward the horizon due to the panoramic window strips. In the low-rise, the large square windows with low window sills guide your line of sight more towards the immediate environment. The different ratio between polished and flamed stone provides each building with its own character.




Hugenholtz Project Groep bv


Hooper Architects, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Terberg Installatiebedrijf, BR Installatietechniek, Paul van Beek Landschappen


Hillen & Roosen