Polder pump station in Delfland

Polder pump stations are sometimes located on the dike between historic buildings, sometimes below the dike in the open polder. For Delfland S2 architects designed a building type that can be adapted to be used on both locations.

The water pumps, circuit board, transformers and service areas are behind glass under a sloping roof, which is high at the inlet and low at the outlet. The grid rake over the inlet grille hangs from the roof. With pump stations on the dike, the low dike facade proceeds into the sloping roof. Both are lined with planks, roof tiles, slate, straw or plates of frosted glass, plastic, stone, concrete or rusting steel. With pump stations in the polder the sloping roof extends to the ground and the slope is covered with grass.

The pump stations Holierhoekse & Zouteveense Polder and Vlotwatering where the first to be realized in a larger series of pump stations.




Hoogheemraadschap Delfland


Ingenieursbureau HH Delfland