Orlyplein (Orly square)

A tower with 30 storeys of offices and a conference hotel or 5 storeys. The low-rise continuous under the railway line and connects the tower with the square. The tower has 4 different faces: wide with one angled line (from the A10), slender with one incision over the full length (from the south), wide with two angled lines (from the west) and due to the sloping and tapered façade the tower looks even more slender and slimmer than it is when seen from the square.

The three courtyards around the tower provide green, air and light, and function as a buffer between the various buildings. All public entrances and lobbies are situated at the public pedestrian courtyard in front of the building. The garage and the dispatch bay are accessible by the lower service road on the side.

The project includes 45,000m2 office spaces, 18,000m2 conference hotel and 550 built parking places and it was called off on nine-eleven.




Hugenholtz Project Groep


Pieters Bouwtechniek