The urban plan for Middenwillens places high residential buildings at the railway track and low single-family houses in the polder.

The 2 under 1 roof houses of S2 architects are long and small. The floor plan is only extended in the living rooms which are all orientated on the south facing the water. The glass fronts in the end façade, the loft in the living room, the deck at the south side and the direction of the ridge-pole, also orientate the house architectonically toward the water. The long closed roof planes with its low gutters in the side façade ensure the necessary privacy. The rural appearance of the exterior is reinforced by the thatched or tiled roof proceeding into the side façade.




Slokker Vastgoed bv


BDP Khandekar, Roggeveen & Piso, Hans Been architecten, Van Mourik