Hotelcluster Accor

Both the 4**** Novotel with its 200 rooms and the 2** Etaphotel with its 250 are accessible from a common courtyard with water, green, art, buses and taxis. On the one side the receptions, lobbies, bars, restaurants and gym are highly visible behind a high glass front. On the other side, hidden behind a front of corrugated frosted glass, the good depot and entrances to the parking garage are located.

The facades at the top are made out of brick. In order to keep out the environmental noises, the hotel room windows are small. The massiveness of the top of the building is broken by a huge atrium in the inner corner. The glass elevators offer the hotel guests a spectacular upward journey. Accor refrained from further plan development, due to the unexpected building of platform Hemboog.




Hugenholtz Project Groep


Pieters Bouwtechniek, Terberge Installaties