Hotel Ockenburgh

On the boundary between untouched dunes and landscaped park land, on the Ockenburgh estate, stands the old mansion, founded in 1582 by Johan Westerbaen. The spire is precisely located on the intersection of roads and sightlines from the romantic English park and the straight Dutch gardens.

In 5 ***** Hotel Ockenburgh the restored mansion with the reception desk, bar, lounge and meetingrooms, is extended with a new wing, which includes the restaurant and the large reception room. The smooth snow-white stucco facades of the restored monument dominate the exterior of the mixed white-gray facades of the new building. The sunny terraces around the monument and the park are open to visitors from outside.

The detached accommodation building on the edge of the forest has 144 rooms, a spa and underground parking. The managers’ house and the teahouse elsewhere on the estate are going to be renewed.




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