Bicycle shelter of Station square

The contour of the underground bicycle shelter follows the shape of the square. Only the station canopy, of which the foundation had to be supported, over laps. The bicycle staircase for going down is situated on the shortest route to the station; the pedestrian staircase for going up is situated in the station hall on the way to the platforms.

Social security is an important issue for a proper bicycle shelter. The long glass strips under the benches in the square and the large glass walls along the ramp let a lot of daylight into the shelter. Long sightlines between the bicycle racks and at the entrances increase the social control. The manager and bicycle repairman are immediately visible as you enter. The orange isles, the light blue ceiling and the varied lighting give the underground space a pleasant atmosphere.






BDP Khandekar, Goudappel Coffeng, NS ProjectConsult, NS Fiets, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Ingenieursbureau Linssen, Caltek


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