Cybercentrum KPN

Because of it high floors, solid construction and immediate availability, this existing building was perfect for function as a cyber centre for KPN. Since the appearance of the existing facades did not match the new Anthony Fokker Business Park and the previously installed computer equipment does not tolerate vibrations, the second façade is hung from the eaves. The vertical part of this second skin with its oblique lines provides an expressive facade.

The horizontal glass strips of the self-cleaning façade system have been placed at an angle of 11°. During the day the sky and clouds are reflected in the glass, at night the pattern of red artificial light shines right through the glass, which in the dark provides the cyber centre with a surprising second look.




Delta Ontwikkelingsgroep, Volker Wessels, Reggeborgh Groep


BDP Khandekar, Royal Haskoning, Deerns, Façade Consulting & Engeneering


Kondor Wessels Amsterdam