Business Pavilions

Two different companies housed in two identical buildings. This is possible through the use of flexible floor plans and facades. No specific but generic workspaces. No rigid bearing facades, but light panel walls in which windows and doors are flexible. No middle column, because these often get in the way of unforeseen future use of the space.

The neutral side walls give no indication of the usage of the building. Behind the identical window strips, Gerzon houses some small warehouses, but Planhold has a colossal loft that spans over three floors. The end walls however are specific: the transparent north façade with its main entrance and meeting rooms is focused on the visitors and the public road. The closed south façade with its emergency stairs and dispatch bay is more focused on the handling of goods.




Planhold Group, Gerzon bv


BDP, van Empelen van Aalderen, Broersma constructies, BR Installaties


Slavenburg’s Bouwbedrijven


2003 en 2005