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Over the past few a long time new facts at the distribution, pathogenicity, analysis, therapy and keep watch over of trematode infections and ailments in guy and animals, together with zoonotic trematodiasis, have emerged from a number of realms. those new info are compiled during this ebook including current info to fulfil the current desire. Seven significant trematode-induced affliction teams, specifically, schistosomiasis, paragonimiasis, fascioliasis and fasciolopsiasis, dicrocoeliasis and eurytremiasis, clonorchiasis and opisthorchiasis, paramphistomiasis, and ailments because of intestinal trematode infections are handled during this e-book. those illnesses nonetheless rank as a tremendous reason for morbidity and mortality - either in guy and in farm animals - in general within the tropics, and give a contribution to the socio-economic difficulties. a lot of those illnesses also are zoonoses, a few significant and others strength.
The meant readership of this treatise contain postgraduate scholars of scientific and veterinary parasitology, learn staff in addition to scientific practitioners, veterinarians, tropical illnesses experts, veterinary public overall healthiness experts and academics occupied with trematode infections and trematodiasis of guy and animals.

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However, the drug is not suitable for mass treatment because of its toxic side effects, especially in the patients with an impaired liver function. Because of the liver damage occurring in S. mansoni or S. japonicum schistosomiasis, the non-metabolised niridazole appears in higher concentrations in host's systemic circulation which is reported to arouse an important though rare neuropsychiatric and other central nervous system related side effects. Such side effects are much less common in S. haematobium schistosomiasis.

On the other hand, the distribution pattern of at least some of the schistosomes (S. mansoni, S. haematobium and S. bovis), which occur mainly in Africa, extends beyond the boundaries of this continent to encroach the Middle East, South Europe, the Caribbean and a few South American countries. For convenience, therefore, the global situation of human and animal schistosomiasis is dealt with under two heads; (i) Schistosomiasis in the African, Middle Eastern, South European, South American and Caribbean countries and (ii) Schistosomiasis in the Asian countries.

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