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Книга Thought-Forms Thought-Forms Книги Психология, философия Автор: Annie Besant Год издания: 2007 Формат: pdf Издат.:BiblioBazaar Страниц: 102 Размер: 2,3 Mb ISBN: 1434604926 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:It is our earnest hope—as it really is our belief—that this little ebook will function a extraordinary ethical lesson to each reader- making him realize the character and tool of his thoughts…' (Excerpt from Foreward)

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The movements are rectilinear, but two rectilinear vibrations of equal amplitude acting at right angles to each other generate a circle if they 43 alternate precisely, an ellipse if the alternations are less regular or the amplitudes unequal. A cyclic vibration may also be obtained from a pendulum free to swing in a rotary path. In these ways a most wonderful series of drawings have been obtained, and the similarity of these to some of the thought-forms is remarkable; they suffice to demonstrate how readily vibrations may be transformed into figures.

Definiteness of thought determines clearness of outline. THE MEANING OF THE COLOURS The table of colours given in the frontispiece has already been thoroughly described in the book Man Visible and Invisible, and the meaning to be attached to them is just the same in the thought-form as in the body out of which it is evolved. For the sake of those who have not at hand the full description given in the book just mentioned, it will be well to state that black means hatred and malice. Red, of all shades from lurid brick-red to brilliant scarlet, indicates anger; brutal anger will show as flashes of lurid red from dark brown clouds, while the anger of "noble indignation" is a vivid scarlet, by no means unbeautiful, though it gives an unpleasant thrill; a particularly dark and unpleasant red, 47 almost exactly the colour called dragon's blood, shows animal passion and sensual desire of various kinds.

Thought-forms of this third class almost invariably manifest themselves upon the astral plane, as the vast majority of them are expressions of feeling as well as of thought. Those of which we here give specimens are almost wholly of that class, except that we take a few examples of the beautiful thought-forms 55 created in definite meditation by those who, through long practice, have learnt how to think. Thought-forms directed towards individuals produce definitely marked effects, these effects being either partially reproduced in the aura of the recipient and so increasing the total result, or repelled from it.

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