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By Chunling Du, Lihua Xie

ISBN-10: 3540433295

ISBN-13: 9783540433293

ISBN-10: 3540458794

ISBN-13: 9783540458791

Over the earlier many years a substantial curiosity has been targeting difficulties regarding indications and platforms that rely on multiple variable. 2-D indications and platforms were studied when it comes to numerous glossy engineering fields similar to procedure keep an eye on, multidimensional electronic filtering, photo enhancement, photo deblurring, sign processing and so on. one of the significant effects built to date, 2-D electronic filters are investigated as an outline in frequency area or as a convolution of the enter and the unit reaction, which has a very good power for functional functions in 2-D photo and sign processing. This monograph goals to deal with a number of difficulties of keep an eye on and filtering of 2-D discrete structures. particularly the issues of Hinfinity filtering, Hinfinity keep an eye on, stabilization, Hinfinity version aid in addition to Hinfinity deconvolution filtering of 2-D linear discrete platforms are treated.

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