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By P T K Woo; J F Leatherland

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Submitting frozen kidney tissue from 100 female broodfish to three diagnostic laboratories for analysis using conventional RTPCR and/or cell culture, no fish proved positive on cell culture, whereas 30 samples were positive on RT-PCR. , 2006). The authors therefore concluded that the RT-PCR testing gave little guidance as to which fish were truly infected and which batch of eggs should be discarded. Kidney or reproductive fluids for testing? IPN virus was first detected in ovarian fluid by Wolf et al.

6), most of which use primers developed against parts of the VP2 gene or targeting the VP4–VP3 encoding junction. , 2001). It is important to remember that the LOD achieved by using purified viral RNA may not represent the actual LOD when screening tissue material, as tissue samples undoubtedly will contain inhibitory substances and the samples may also be compromised during transportation. A study to optimize and validate a conventional IPNV RT-PCR was conducted by Kerr and Cunningham (2006) using the primer set described by Taksdal et al.

Midtlyng virus infectivity in vivo has not, to our knowledge, been published, except in a master's thesis (Agniel, 1975). Knott and Munro (1986) noted that head kidney leucocytes (HKLs) of Atlantic salmon persistently infected with IPNV exhibited a poorer proliferative response to in vitro stimulation than did leucocytes from control fish, and this was confirmed in rainbow trout by Tate et al. (1990), who also noted that the mitogenic responses were stronger in the nylon wool-adherent, surface immunoglobulin-positive (Ig+) fraction than in the non-adherent Ig− fraction.

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