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Энциклопедия по энергетике. В 6 томах (5400стр.) энциклопедии представлен наиболее полный материал о мировой энергетике. VI том содержит предметный указатель, что значительно облегчает поиск нужной информации. Карты, графики, таблицы и фотографии иллюстрируют и поясняют текст.

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In this process, fatty acids are broken down into two-carbon units, converted to acetyl-CoA, which then enters the Krebs cycle. A great deal of energy (38 ATP) may be generated for every two-carbon unit going through the biochemical pathway. Lipid is superior to carbohydrate as an energy reserve because lipid contains more energy than carbohydrate (Table I), and storage of carbohydrate is typically accompanied by storage of water, which increases body mass but contributes no energy. The water may amount to approximately 3 g per gram of glycogen.

The simultaneous solution of these equations represents an equilibrium in which supply equals demand among consumers and producers. In this sense, these models generally determine fuel prices endogenously by searching for those prices that will balance the supply and demand for each fuel. This approach is very valuable for policy analysis of control strategies that will affect the supply and consumption of different fuels. In this framework, an energy price increase can be either the motivation for, or the result of, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions.

Induced technological change An endogenous technical change, usually resulting from price-induced behavior. interindustry interactions The relationships between industries that reveal which sectors buy from and which sectors sell to each industry. process analysis An engineering concept that refers to discrete technologies, each often requiring fixed input combinations. production function A relationship that links inputs to output and specifies the rate at which each input can be substituted for each other input in response to shifts in input prices.

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