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This is often the definitive A-Z reference publication on all issues psychic, mysterious and paranormal - the marvels, secrets and techniques and mysteries of the seen and the invisible international. this glorious consultant covers every little thing you may need to know together with ghosts, unusual phenomena, humans, areas, occasions, and concepts. that includes over 800 A-to-Z entries, this Psychic Encyclopedia is an interesting compendium of globally paranormal task. With reasons of wierd phenomena from either folklore and glossy medical study. actual details on and causes of: mediums and spiritualists to near-death adventure, ghosts, levitation, telepathy, astral shuttle, precognition, all kinds of divination (tarot, runes, crystal balls, tea leaves, etc.), facts for the afterlife, contacting spirit publications, haunted websites, well-known ancient figures, haunted locations and documented experiments, and masses extra. a whole reference of paranormal delusion and folklore - and the myths and legends surrounding ghosts and spirits in numerous cultures during the global, from recognized ghost tales to varied ideals and superstitions that experience taken root in several international locations.

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Originally a chapel built in 1718 by monks, the Alamo was later expanded into a fortress for Texans to use as a stronghold against the Mexicans in the battle over land rights. In March 1836 the President of Mexico, General Antonio López de Santa Anna, and 4,000 troops laid siege to the Alamo. The 11-day battle led to the deaths of almost all the 188 defenders of the Alamo and 1,600 Mexicans. The victorious General López ordered the bodies of the dead Texans to be dumped in a large grave and the Alamo to be torn to the ground.

Broadly, one could describe alchemy as the art of converting that which is base, both in the material and spiritual world, into something more perfect. Symbolically, alchemy is the mystical art for human spiritual transformation into a higher form of being. The spiritual teachings of alchemy were based on the idea that humans have a spirit or soul as well as a physical body, and it was thought that if the spirit could be compressed or concentrated, the secret of changing one aspect of nature into another could be discovered.

Aside from countless personal accounts from those who have benefited from absent healing, American doctor Larry Dossey conducted several double blind trials to test the effectiveness of absent healing in the early 1990s. At the end of the trials the groups that had been the object of prayer showed greater improvement in health than the control groups. ACHERI In Native American folklore Acheri is thought to be the ghost of a little girl who died of disease. Legend has it that Acheri is a frail and pale looking female spirit who lives on mountaintops and hills.

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