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By Thomas H. Pratt

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Tom Pratt, a long-time method security practitioner and lecturer in electrostatic defense, wrote this booklet to coach within the fundamentals of electrostatics. It bargains a specific selection of details designed to offer readers the instruments they should learn the chance strength of universal commercial procedures. one of the issues addressed are separation and accumulation of cost, discharge, minimal ignition energies, discharge energies, electrification in commercial strategies, layout and working standards, measurements, quantification of electrostatic eventualities. a variety of case histories is helping illustrate assets of electrostatic ignition of combustibles, and methods for fighting such incidents.

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The stored charge then has a low resistance path for discharge, usually to ground. 5. , the "hot spot" mechanism, the chain branching reactions of incipient combustion begin and ignition of the fuel/oxidizer mixture is accomplished. The critical field strength (volts per meter) can be exceeded either by closing the gap or increasing the voltage or charge. Both mechanisms are common in industrial operations. A gap is closed when a person receives a shock when reaching for the door knob. There is a voltage and charge increase when a charged liquid is added to a metal bucket until a spark jumps to ground.

And since it is diffuse, there is a low concentration of molecular fragments in the stream and ignition of ordinary gasses, vapors, dusts, and mists does not occur. 6. This principle is used for charge dissipation in some industrial situations. 2 Brush Discharge As discussed in the previous section, ionization of air occurs at a sharp electrode in an electric field. As the radius of the electrode increases, the character of the discharge changes. As the radius increases, a less diffuse discharge channel begins to form.

10. 9: Induced Charge on Conductor To go one step further, if the metal block is moved out of the electric field of the insulator CONDUCTOR along with its remaining negative charge, the negative charge remaining on the metal block is no INSULATOR longer bound and is free to move. 10: Discharge of Free redistribute itself over the surface Charge from Conductor of the metal block and become a free charge. If a grounded electrode is again touched to the metal block, another spark will occur. Note that all the while, the initial charge remained bound to the insulator.

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