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By Jurg van Vliet; et al

ISBN-10: 1449306640

ISBN-13: 9781449306649

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This was the first region that was opened, and it is also the region where new services are first made available. Every region has a number of availability zones. These zones are designed to be physically separated, but still part of one (data) network. The purpose of different availability zones is to make your infrastructure more resilient to failures related to power and network outages. Availability zones are an extremely powerful and important feature of AWS. As the outage of April 21, 2011 has shown us, if you work properly with different zones, the harm done to your application will be minimal or nonexistent in even the worst-case scenarios.

But if you cooperate/collaborate with different (groups of) people, you want to share your work. Especially when you work with multi-disciplinary teams; not everyone has Git and Tomcat running on their laptops. Test Before you can do any sort of production deployment, you need to go through several cycles of testing and fixing. This is usually a separate process, and you don’t want development changes to interfere too much with it. So you want a separate environment. Testing usually means functional, but sometimes might include load and stress tests.

Com For Elastic Beanstalk, you can make a call to list the existing applications (even if you don’t have any yet), such as: Working with AWS Services | 21 $ elastic-beanstalk-describe-applications No applications found. For testing IAM tools, you can run: $ iam-accountgetsummary Groups: 0 Users: 3 UsersQuota: 5000 GroupsQuota: 100 GroupPolicySizeQuota: 5120 AccessKeysPerUserQuota: 2 UserPolicySizeQuota: 2048 GroupsPerUserQuota: 10 ServerCertificates: 2 SigningCertificatesPerUserQuota: 2 ServerCertificatesQuota: 10 We’ll take a look at the Amazon AWS Console next.

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