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Good written consultant to the fundamentals reminiscent of concentrations, dilutions, logs and so on. with plenty of precious labored examples. the one challenge is the booklet is a piece too simple for all mathematic wishes in the course of a organic measure.

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2) Using Different Volumes of a Stock Solution A different approach is to pipette different volumes of your stock solution, plus different volumes of water, directly into the system. This time the concentration of the stock solution you make up needs to be lower because you will start by pipetting a larger volume, and the volume of the other components of the system must be smaller. 3. 3 Using Different Volumes of a Stock Solution to Prepare Dilutions. There are advantages and disadvantages with each method.

6 log 105=5, and antilog 5=105 Note that this means the antilog of the log of a number is the number itself. e. the number which when multiplied by itself n times equals a, so it is an inverse power of a. 2 MANIPULATING LOGS Using the rules for logs explained above, it is possible to rearrange, simplify, or solve equations containing logs. The rules are restated here in various useful forms. 48, calculate the following, without using a calculator. 11 Express ln x in terms of log x. Remember that the natural log, ln, has the base e.

3 PROBLEMS If you have just finished reading this chapter I suggest you now try the ‘pure mathematics’ examples marked‘*’. If you get these correct, try all of the applied examples. If you also get these correct, move on to the next chapter. If you do not get the right answers, re-read the explanations and try the rest of the problems 1– 24, and then repeat your attempts at the applied problems. Solve each of the following equations. 1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 3x+15=6 11x+5-3x-7=42 7(2x-3)=21 7x/3-1/5=11 11.

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