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By Neil Kaplowitz, Laurie D. DeLeve

ISBN-10: 0849398967

ISBN-13: 9780849398964

Epidemiological stories have came upon that medications are actually the commonest reason for liver failure within the usa, and the earlier decade has noticeable an explosion of recent info in regards to the immunology, toxicology, and pharmacology of drug-induced liver disorder. This expertly written moment variation provides an in-depth dialogue of the hot advancements in drug-induced hepatotoxicity, protecting mechanisms, histopathology, administration, possibility elements, and styles of drug and toxin-induced liver affliction.

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Thus, this context has some similarity to the second one (Table 2), except that an immune system component is usually not invoked. , that protein acts as a “master switch” for the cell. However, a more accepted current view is that cells have very complex networks and that disruption of those signaling pathways (46) or any of several of the systems involved in energy production (7) may lead to toxicity, with effects being cell and tissue specific (see also chaps. 4 and 5). 1/104 patients), a serious problem, and not understood (by definition).

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