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By Barbara O'Brien

ISBN-10: 0525426655

ISBN-13: 9780525426653

Adorable four-color candid doggie mug shots
Photographer and animal coach Barbara O’Brien has spent years photographing aspiring dogs actors, from prancing domestic dogs to stately hounds and tenacious terriers. before everything, she discarded the photographs if her topic was once barking, sniffing, or in a different way taking a look under perfect—until she learned that these outtakes most sensible printed the genuine character of the pup.
O’Brien is a talented and pro photographer, and this winsome assortment indicates the care she took to bare each one dog’s crucial personality. The goofiness of the boisterous Border Collie, the decorum of the genteel nice Dane, and the interest of the regal Corgi—all of them are captured the following in stunning four-color images.

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Dogs love their people unconditionally, and if their person wants them to sit on a big piece of paper in a giant empty warehouse with funny flashing lights and lots of commotion, then that’s just what they’ll do. I usually only want to show a dog at his best, so for a long time I disregarded images that were a bit off or where the dog had a funny expression. But the more I shot the more I realized that the best shots, the ones that really showed the dog for who he was, were taken in the unguarded moments when he was not so posed.

To get Majic’s attention, and begin snapping. The strobe lights flash, and Majic startles a bit, but his person gives him a bit of hot dog and ruffles the fur behind his ears, and he settles back down. On her command, he even starts to run through all his tricks: Sit! Lie down! Shake! I get a shot—or seven—of each one. Laughing, I set my camera down and scratch Majic’s back. “What a clever boy you are! ” I thank his person for bringing him and escort them back out, Majic wagging his tail at his person’s excitement.

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