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By Steven D. Wexner, Neil Stollman

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This primary connection with comprehensively tackle either the clinical and surgical administration of illnesses affecting the colon, this resource spans the big variety of colorectal problems together with rectal prolapse, irritable bowel syndrome, benign and malignant colonic tumors, fissures and ulcers, and Crohn's colitis, between different diseases. With chapters via international leaders within the box, this consultant analyzes diagnostic and imaging recommendations for affliction assessment and administration together with advances in colonoscopy, radiology, and surgical procedure.

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On the superolateral wall, the pudendal nerve and the internal pudendal vessels run in the pudendal canal (Alcock’s canal). The ischiorectal fossa contains fat and the inferior rectal vessels and nerves. The perianal space surrounds the lower part of the anal canal. The external hemorrhoidal plexus lies in the perianal space and communicates with the internal hemorrhoidal plexus at the dentate line. This space is the typical site of anal hematomas, perianal abscesses, and anal fistula tracts. The perianal space also encloses the subcutaneous part of the EAS, the lowest part of the IAS, and fibers of the longitudinal muscle.

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