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Herewe supply anew method of knowing and handling universal health conditions. With the desires of our readers in brain we current clearer, extra huge and extra expansive perspectives on them. conventional clinical textbooks are wordy tomes with good worn styles dealing in set order with 'causes, signs and indicators, analysis and treatment'. they give formal immediate snapshots of ailments. we've devised an financial synoptic kind, and we've endeavoured to offer acomprehensive and an on-going long-term movepicture ofeach situation and to narrate this to the analysisofsymptoms and indicators, to diagnostic overview and to administration and remedy. now we have chosen 22 vital stipulations and for eachhave an analogous series of questions and solutions: • what's it? giving a quick precis of the present figuring out of the character of the situation. • Who will get it while? exhibiting the age-sex distributions and impact ofother components reminiscent of social category, overseas comparisons, andtheirlikelyfrequency ingeneralpractice and on the district basic sanatorium. • What occurs? analysing the importance of indicators and symptoms, the most probably direction and consequence and the way those effect care. • What to do? an appreciation of the character and presentation of the situation, and their relevance to analysis and management.

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I'. I . ,::,:1', +-H-++- V6 ,: ;~! ;: : ,'" I I II I I : •. , t .. i ::1. g :;:. ":0 0 . During exercise ........ -. ::"":' ~,. : h:: j:'!. ii'j i::; ;~ .. ~:: ;;i:;;;; \\;i:i;; ;~\ ;~:~~l:. After exercise Exercise e c. g, showing ischaemic $- T depression during exercise • arteriography-coronary arteriography is the definitive test in diagnosing coronary artery disease • thallium studies- radionuclide studies with radioactive thallium are also of value in showing ischaemic areas developing in the myocardium after exercise ('cold spots') diagnosis ofmyocardial infarction history • pain- the site, character and radiation of the pain are identical with those of angina pectoris - the distinguishing features are 34 ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE pain much more severe more prolonged - over halfan hour and often several hours often occurs at rest, especially in bed no relief with glyceryl trinitrate • associated symptoms breathlessness often due to left ventricular failure sweating and nausea/vomiting are almost invariable dizziness due to lowered cardiac output syncope more likely than in angina "'----1f----- Pale, cold, sweating Blood pressure - may be high initially often low Basal crepitations -+LVF Pericardial friction (24-48 h) Heart sounds muffled Gallop rhythm -+ LVF Systolic murmur-+ LVF ruptured chordae septal rupture Tachycardia -anxiety LVF arrhythmia Bradycardia -+ post.

Hypertension? smoking? hypercholesterolaemia? • issue- medical treatment is largely a 'band-aid' exercise in managing effectsof IHD acute attacks: 'keep alive' home or hospital? wardorCCU? long term care: medication other measures diet ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE 27 lifestyle exercise • issue- surgery is largely a 'plumbing' exercise to bypass obstructed coronary arteries and increase the blood supply to ischaemic myocardium who are candidates? when should surgery be considered? what are the benefits?

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