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Getting to know the Universe is the bestselling short textual content for descriptive one-term astronomy classes (especially people with no arithmetic prerequisites). Carried alongside by way of the book's shiny major subject, "the means of medical discovery," the 8th variation furthers the book’s legacy for offering thoughts sincerely and appropriately whereas supplying the entire pedagogical instruments to make the training strategy memorable.

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A few hours later, check again from the same place. You will find that the entire pattern of stars (as well as the Moon, if it is visible) has shifted. New constellations will have risen above the eastern horizon, while other constellations will have disappeared below the western horizon. If you check again just before dawn, you will find the stars that were just rising in the east when the night began are now low in the western sky. Different constellations are visible at night during different times of the year.

The size of the universe that we can observe and the range of sizes of the objects in it are truly staggering. Figure 1-2 summarizes the range of sizes from atomic particles up to the diameter of the entire universe visible to us. 5 cm) along the arc of this figure brings you to objects 10 times larger. Because of this, going from the size of a proton (roughly 10Ϫ15 m) up to the size of an atom (roughly 10Ϫ10 m) takes about the same space along the arc as going from the distance between the Earth and the Sun to the distance between the Earth and the nearby stars.

The constellations through which the Sun moves throughout the year as it travels along the ecliptic are called zodiac constellations. We cannot see the stars of these constellations when the Sun is among them, of course, but we can plot the Sun’s path on the celestial sphere to determine through which constellations it moves. Traditionally, there were 12 zodiac constellations whose borders were set in antiquity. In 1930, the boundaries were redefined by astronomers, and the Sun now moves through 13 constellations throughout the year.

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