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19 is a photomontage showing that a good soccer goalie can be in more than one place at the same time. A true “no-goal” goalie! 19 This photomontage shows five images of the same goalie catching a ball. com Part I Good Digital Images One of the real limitations of traditional film photography (and of most cameras and lenses) is that it does not represent life as we see it. We have peripheral vision of nearly 180 degrees, which can make our surroundings incredibly beautiful. How many times have you just sat on the beach with your toes in the sand and looked out over the sea at the spectacular view?

Com 26 Introducing Digital Cameras — Chapter 1 market and as photo labs get connected to the Internet. Before long, you will be able to step up to a kiosk and insert your digital image storage card. From there, you can select the images that you want to print and the ones that you want to upload to the Internet to be shared. You will be able to add text, restore color, and copy images from your digital camera’s storage media card to a CD-ROM, to mention just a few of the many features offered. Well then, you might ask, how do you enjoy images from others without a PC?

Your total investment, so far, is likely to be in excess of a couple thousand dollars. You’ve invested even more in your time spent to learn how to use all this befuddling mass of gear. Most important of all, you’ve invested your hopes — your desire to produce great-looking pictures you can enjoy and share with others. These are all serious investments; therefore, you should make one small additional expenditure of effort: learn how to take the best pictures possible. Because the chapters following this one concentrate on what you can do with your digital images, we’ll devote this chapter to looking at ways to take better pictures as fodder for your creativity.

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