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By K. T. Arasu, J. F. Dillon (auth.), A. Pott, P. V. Kumar, T. Helleseth, D. Jungnickel (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0792359593

ISBN-13: 9780792359593

ISBN-10: 9401144591

ISBN-13: 9789401144599

The rationalization of the formal duality of Kerdock and Preparata codes is among the extraordinary ends up in the sector of utilized algebra within the previous couple of years. This result's with regards to the invention of enormous units of quad­ riphase sequences over Z4 whose correlation houses are greater than these of the easiest binary sequences. additionally, the correlation houses of sequences are heavily relating to distinction houses of sure units in (cyclic) teams. it's the function of this publication to demonstrate the relationship among those 3 issues. so much articles grew out of lectures given on the NATO advert­ vanced examine Institute on "Difference units, sequences and their correlation properties". This workshop happened in undesirable Windsheim (Germany) in August 1998. The editors thank the NATO clinical Affairs department for the beneficiant aid of this workshop. with no this aid, the current selection of articles should not have been realized.

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Let X = (xI, ... ,XS) be an s-tuple of independent and uniformly distributed binary random variables. If wt( w) = 1 then Lw(X) = Xi for some i, 1 ~ i ~ s. A boolean function f : Z~ -+ Z2 is m-th-order correlation immune if for any subset of m distinct vectors WI, ... , wm of weight 1 the mutual information J(Z I YI, ... ,ym) = 0 where Z = f(X I , ... ,XS) and yi = LWi(X), The Walsh transform of a real-valued function f : Z~ -+ R is the function F : Z~ -+ R defined by F(y) = ~ f(u)( _1)(Y'u} uEZ~ for all y E Z~, see :11so Wolfmann (1999) in this volume.

Let Zi be the random variable corresponding to the output bit ki . Then the output is uncorrelated to the j-th component input if the mutual information J(Zo, ... , Zi I Xl) = for i = 0,1, ... The generator has m-thorder correlation immunity if for any subset {jl, ... ,jm} ~ {I, ... , s} of m distinct indices xg, ... , ° for i = 0, 1, ... Siegenthaler (1985b) shows the following: If the (current) output bit ki is statistically independent of the current memory bits (O"i-l in the case 1 , ••• , x1m} of one bit of memory described above) and of any subset of m current input bits (for i = 0,1, ...

In classical computing one can assemble computers that are much more reliable than any of their individual components by exploiting error correcting codes. In quantum computing this was initially thought to be precluded by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP) which states that observations of a quantum system, no matter how delicately performed cannot yield complete information on the system's state before observation. For example we cannot learn more about a single photon's polarization by amplifying it into a clone of many photons - the HUP introduces just enough randomness into the polarizations of the daughter photons to nullify any advantage gained by having more photons to measure.

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