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E. on an equivalised basis and shared between household members equally), any difference arises solely from the situation of men and women living alone. In particular, because of the longer life expectancy of women, there are larger numbers of women aged 65 and over living alone than of men. 7: At-risk-of-poverty rates and poverty gaps of women relative to men Source: Own calculations based on Eurostat New Cronos database and EU-SILC 2006 Accordingly, the size of the gender difference in risk-of-poverty rates is much smaller than the difference between age groups across countries.

The approach adopted is based on the Eurostat measure of this, which is defined as the work intensity of households (for a definition, see Glossary). e. a jobless household. By the same token, a work intensity index value equal to 1 means all the household members of working age have been employed for the entire year. It should be noted that, in practice, the index as defined is only a partial indicator of work intensity, since it takes no account of whether those employed work full time or part time, which clearly affects the income they earn from employment and, therefore, how far they are likely to be at risk of poverty.

For Hungary, the data indicate a substantial increase, though this suggests measurement error — a significant difference in the sample of people surveyed between the two years — rather than a genuine rise. The chapter also provides estimates of the relative number of people across the EU with disposable income below a certain level, as defined either in absolute terms or in relation to median income at EU level, both adjusted for differences in price levels. This perspective provides an alternative on the risk of poverty in the European Union to that based on national income levels, as is conventionally used.

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