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A finished reference which attracts jointly and systematises the knowledge to be had at the incidence and resolution of natural components in all kinds of non-saline and saline ordinary and taken care of waters. It offers a complete description of natural compounds in all normal and handled water varieties. The e-book features a sequence of tables to facilitate fast entry to express themes.

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This results in a sample plug bracketed by carrier (Fig. 1 (a)). The carrier stream is merged with a reagent stream to obtain a chemical reaction between the sample and the reagent. The total stream then flows through a detector (Fig. 1 (b)). g. ion selective electrodes). The pump provides constant flow and no compressible air segments are present in the system. As a result the residence time of the sample in the system is absolutely constant. As it moves towards the detector the sample is mixed with both carrier and reagent.

There are also, of course, naturally occurring organic substances in water. The purpose of this book is to draw together and systemize the body of information available throughout the world up to early 1998 on the occurrence and determination of organics of all types in non-saline and saline natural and treated water. In this way reference to a very scattered literature can be avoided. e. methods are not presented in detail, space considerations alone would not permit this; instead the chemist is Preface xliii presented with details of methods available for the determination of all types of organics in a variety of types of water samples.

It has the capability of measuring fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, and bio- and chemiluminescent 12 Introduction signals. A 40-portion autosampler is provided. An excitation filter kit containing six filters – 310, 340, 375, 400, 450 and 480nm – is available. 4 Infrared and Raman spectrometry Both these techniques have only limited application to the analysis of water samples: • • Infrared spectrometry: aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons; anionic surface active agents; humic and fulvic acids, total inorganic carbon.

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