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In place of a flood (as at the end of a kalpa or one thousand mahiiyugas), the rains simply come out of season. However, the main difference lies in what happens next. 1-2). Why fate turns favorable is not too clear, but it evidently has more to do with the nature of time than with the intervention of the divinity. n) much closer to the human world and its concerns. The passage of succeeding yvgas brings a gradual decline of the social and spiritual fabric of society, followed by an abrupt restoration of the dharma with each transition from one yuga or m a b w g a to another.

40 4. Biardeau's Structural Analysis of the Narrative Events The multi-dimensionality of the "central myth" is progressively uncovered with the help of the structuralist methodology developed by Claude Levi-Strauss. In. one sense, the pouring of the two armies into the fires of war is the "sacrifice" of adhanna (the decayed social order). But the reign of Duryodhana (incarnation of the demon Kali) is only the culmination of a social malaise originating in the progressive breakdown of the traditional functional relationship between the batriya and the brahmins, the n uwhose two pillars of epic society.

Introduction to-, p. 20. Cf. d s o his detailed critique in Introduction t o w . pp. 142-184). 32 hfadeleine Biardeau. 16. . l@SXion. hologie hindou --,OP( 63 (1976): 173. Cf. - Du. 1981): 75-97. 1981). pp. 15- . 35 Faquhar believes that chis occurred during the $ q a dynasty. a pencil of brZbmaqic r e v i d s m . C. Cf. N. kt Indian rpt. ( D e Motilal B d d m . Faquhar. 1967). p. 78 . 36 Madeleine Biardeau and Jean-Michel Pttecfalvi. 1985), p. 29. (P* GF F I a % + O n . 3940: -SvayambhQ (the S e l f - ~ ~ e nhimself t) created animals for the sake of sacrifices: sacrifices (have been iasimted)for thegood of fliis w i d e (world): hence the slaughtering (of is not slaughtering (in the ordinary sense of the word).

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