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By Michael James Duff, James T Liu, Kellogg S Stelle

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This quantity includes the contributions to the complaints of Deserfest -- a festschrift in honor of Stanley Deser. lots of Stanley Deser's colleagues and longtime collaborators, together with Richard Arnowitt and Charles Misner of "ADM" popularity, give a contribution insighted article. starting from reduce dimensional gravity theories the entire option to supergravity in 11 dimensions and M-theory, the papers spotlight the large influence that Deser has had within the box.

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We can now take over the full formalism to this case and use the formulae of last section. Now again all the physical degrees of freedom can be captured in one complex superfield Hv) = ^h(y)+i6m + ^ - ^ Tpm(y) + -Lemen±Amn em en e? e^e^e^e', (y)+... eu emnpqrstu a+ 2 h (y), (40) where h, ip and A denote the helicity 2, 3/2 and 1 fields, (graviton, gravitino and gravi-photon). The superfield is constrained by chiral constraints (18) but the "inside-out" constraints involve 4 d's on each side. The SU(8) and the helicity quantum numbers of the fields are 1 2 9 8 3 / 2 8 28!

This is the meaning of ultraparallel. ) The construction, then is analogous to what one would do to construct initial values in the Deser-Jackiw-'t Hooft prescription, except that the point particle is located "beyond infinity", and the identification is not by a rotation, but by an isometry of the Klein space metric (which is more similar to a Lorentz transformation). Multi-black-hole initial values can be constructed in a similar way to the multi-particle, but in order to be effective, all geodesies must have a segment within the limit circle.

16. B. Kostant, Duke Math. J. 100, 447 (1999). COSMOLOGICAL SINGULARITIES, BILLIARDS AND LORENTZIAN KAC-MOODY ALGEBRAS THIBAULT DAMOUR Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, 35 route de Chartres, 91440 Bures-sur- Yvette, France The structure of the general, inhomogeneous solution of (bosonic) Einstein-matter systems in the vicinity of a cosmological singularity is considered. We review the proof (based on ideas of Belinskii-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz and technically simplified by the use of the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner Hamiltonian formalism) that the asymptotic behaviour, as one approaches the singularity, of the general solution is describable, at each (generic) spatial point, as a billiard motion in an auxiliary Lorentzian space.

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