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By A. S. Davydov (auth.), Peter Leth Christiansen, Alwyn C. Scott (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781475799484

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B) The vibron-soliton theory, quantum-mechanical Let us call attention, first of all, to the fact that Frenkel excitons with exciton transfer by dipole-dipole interactions can be described by the Hamiltonian Hex having the same form as Hose' On the other hand, the model exciton Hamiltonian HexD originally due to Davydov is written as H =lE"a+a - (1/2) L. 18) where € is the on-site exciton energy, and J(n,m) is the exciton transfer energy. The quantities a n+ and an are the exciton creation and annihilation operators, respecteively, at an site n, which are assumed to satisfy Bose-type commutation relation [a n+, am} =~(n,m), etc.

Kislukha, Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. 71, 1090 (1976) [SOy. Phys. JETP 44, 571 (1976)]. 2. For a diagram of this system, see A. C. Scott, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 315, 423 (1985). 3. A. S. Davydov, Usp. Fiz. Nauk 138, 603 (1982) [SOy. Phys. Usp. 25, 898 (1982)]. 28 4. A. C. Scott, F. Y. Chu and D. W. McLaughlin, Proc. IEEE 61, 1443 (1973). 5. J. M. Hyman, D. W. McLaughlin, and A. C. Scott, Physica 0 3, 23 (1981); A. C. Scott, Phys. Rev. A 26, 578 (1982); 27, 2767 (1983); Phys. Scr. 25, 651 (1982); L. MacNeil and A.

A) The vibron-soliton theory, classical To simulate dynamical self-trapping of amide-I vibrons by acoustic phonons along spines, we consider a ld oscillator system in which each oscillator is linearly coupled with neighobouring ones and nonlinearly coucoupled with acoustic lattice phonons. 2) with 38 2 v(q) .. 3) Here qn and un are the displacement of an nth oscillator with effective mass IA and eigenfrequency fA) 0 in the oscillator system and that of an nth atom or molecule with atomic or molecular mass M in the phonon system, respectively.

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