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By Gordon Mathews, Tai-lok Lui

ISBN-10: 9622095461

ISBN-13: 9789622095465

This booklet exhibits how the exact ehtnographic examine of intake in Hong Kong can result in a deeper realizing of Hong Kong existence as a complete, in addition to of intake on the planet at large.

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This dream is partly a matter of speculation — many Hong Kong people from different walks of life have been tempted by the booming property market, thinking that they can secure huge profits out of buying and selling (Lui 1995). This is also an outcome of a population with a migrant background settling down in a local economy. Parents of the post-war baby boomers found their h o m e s in Hong Kong through m a k i n g their living during H o n g Kong's transition to an industrial city, and securing a permanent settlement for their families through the government's project of mass public housing.

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Following the advice of Benjamin, we may go back to our memories and early experiences of the urban landscape in order to recapitulate the plurality and multiplicity of meanings of shopping and shopping malls in Hong Kong before the arrival of mass consumerism in the 1970s. K. Ng, one of the contributors to a book recollecting t h e personal experience of growing up in various local neighbourhoods before the 1997 hand-over, wrote as follows: After the building of the Ocean Centre [a huge shopping mall at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, the central tourist area of Hong Kong], there was Harbour City, Prince Hotel, Marco Polo Hotel ...

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