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By Charles J. Kibert, Jan Sendzimir, G. Bradley Guy

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As designers of outfitted environments concentration more and more on eco-friendly and sustainable building they are going to be in a position to examine a lot from the sphere of commercial ecology. business ecology presents a valid technique of systemizing some of the rules which come less than the banner of os sustainable building.

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1997). Alternatively, it could be said that resource efficiency must be increased by a factor of 10 to achieve the same end. The Factor 10 Club is laying the groundwork for an international effort that originated with the Cournoules Statement in 1994, calling on industry and governments to transform their policies to effectively dematerialize their countries’ economies. Dematerialization is the reduction of the quantities of materials needed to serve economic functions or the decline over time in the weight of materials used in industrial end products (Wernick et al.

Natural systems, for the most part, use solar flux or stored solar energy in the form of biomass for their functioning whereas industrial systems use a wide variety of energy sources. The intensity of industrial operations requires energy sources that are refined to the highest quality by geological forces operating over millions or years. Natural systems are characterized by their use of renewable energy sources. In the present era, industrial systems operate largely by using stored solar energy in the form of fossil fuels, but these are being consumed at a pace on the order of 10,000 times their regeneration rate.

However, the purchasing cost of building products reflects little or no shifting of responsibility for environmental impacts addressing, for example, poor forestry practices, production emissions, and, in the case of construction, relatively large demolition and building assembly waste. German industry functions within a strong regulatory framework that constrains industry to a higher standard of materials use than is present in the USA. The Duales Deutschland System, EPR, and other regulatory systems are forcing German manufacturers to create products that are taken back by their producers to become raw materials for new products.

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