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By Pamela Kaye

The fictitious journals of a wild and wanton adventuress. The writing is unquestionably a minimize above the criteria frequently linked to this genre.

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These days, though, he took up considerably more room than he had back then. Funny how he’d gone through that second puberty while they were in college at IU. He’d always been so skinny as a kid. Now he was solid rock. Becca shook off the observation, almost literally. “We could at least try it,” she said more softly. He met her gaze levelly for a moment, and Becca thought again what nice blue eyes he had. Maybe she couldn’t blame Loosey for being such a tart around him. The tart. “Right,” he said tersely.

Somehow, though, he kept himself from reaching out to her, from skimming his fingertips over her fine skin and silky hair. He couldn’t avoid the scent of her, however, because it rose up to encircle him, entice him, enchant him. She smelled like summer soap and springtime laundry, a fragrance made all the more poignant because the weather outside was cold and gray, heralding the onset of winter, and it would be a long time before he encountered such warmth and sunshine again. Better than that, though, she smelled like cigarettes, something he wanted almost as badly as he wanted Becca, which made her doubly desirable.

She nodded. ” He expelled an incredulous sound. ” “Stow it, Turner,” she said as she reached for one of his arms and shoved it down to his side. Then she breezed past him into his apartment, toward the very couch he had just vacated. “I’m going to be here the minute you wake up tomorrow,” she said as she tossed her bag onto one end of it, “and I’m still going to be here the minute you go to sleep. ” He gaped at her. “I have never reneged in my life,” he assured her. “I do not now, nor will I ever, renege.

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