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  • ... presents technical schemes and practicalities and lines invaluable layout tables.,Concrete overseas, ... a superb dialogue of the theory... exceedingly thorough... a few ideal photographs.,Architectural technology assessment, presents technical schemes and practicalitites and contours valuable layout tables,Concrete overseas,

List of plates

, Pages ix-x

, Pages xi-xiii
Disclaimer of guaranty and prerequisites of sale

, Page xiv

, Page xv

, Page xvii
1 - Practicalities

, Pages 1-7
2 - research used for the layout tables

, Pages 8-9
3 - components utilized in the layout tables

, Pages 10-23,I-XII
4 - Examples of using layout tables

, Pages 24-49
5 - Construction

, Pages 50-56
Appendix 1 - layout Tables for folded plates varieties UUEB

, Pages 58-78
Appendix 2 - layout tables for folded plates kinds PUEB

, Pages 79-98
Appendix three - layout tables for folded plates forms CUUEB

, Pages 100-120
Appendix four - layout tables for folded plates varieties CPUEB

, Pages 121-140
Appendix five - layout tables for folded plates kinds UDEB

, Pages 142-166
Appendix 6 - layout tables for folded plates forms PDEB

, Pages 167-190
Appendix 7 - layout tables for folded plates forms CUDEB

, Pages 192-227
Appendix eight - layout tables for folded plates forms CPDEB

, Pages 229-263
Appendix nine - layout tables for folded plates varieties UEC

, Pages 264-269
Appendix 10 - layout tables for folded plates kinds CUEC

, Pages 270-275

, Page 277

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E. 14/140 m2/m = 1361 mm2/m. Use say 16 mm diameter bars at 150 mm centres (or 5/8 in diameter bars at 6 in centres). These are at 45 ~ to the longitudinal axis. The spacing can be increased towards the ridge and valley in accordance with the parabolic distribution of shear stress. In addition, the diagonal tension reinforcement can be reduced towards mid-span. 816 Fig. 1 one would perhaps not require diagonal tension steel at this location. 2 could be followed. 09 kNm/m = -4292 lb ft/ft. 1 psf) of the plan area.

Thus, use 8 m m diameter bars at 175 m m centres at each side of the member. Maximum spacing of reinforcement allowed = 3 • (230 - 25 - 4) - 603 mm. The stresses in Fig. 357 MPa. 2 shows the stresses indicating this point. O r nsion Fig. 1 26 Concrete Folded Plate Roofs I_.. - 9 . 101 E r r I 'v-- ,, 1 1 II ,,, Fig. 101 MPa will have, say, a cosine distribution from the centre to the support (or a parabolic distribution - maximum at the centre and zero at the supports) so it will not relieve the diagonal tensile stress due to the maximum shear stress.

H. B. (1963) Concrete: Plain, Reinforced, Prestressed and Shell, Edward Arnold, London. B. (1983) Concrete Materials and Structures, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, and New York, USA. Simpson, H. (1958) Design of folded plate roofs, Proc Am Soc Civil Engrs, January. B. (1983) Structural Concrete, Butterworths, London, UK, and Boston, USA. 1 Introduction Shell roofs have been satisfactorily designed using the elastic design of BSCP114 over many years, Ref. 1. Low reinforcement stresses agree better with the elastic analyses used for producing the design tables of this book.

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