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By William Corlett

ISBN-10: 0822307324

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Winner of the 1990 Foundations of Political concept component of the yankee Political technology organization "First ebook Award"

Now on hand in paperback with a brand new preface via the writer, this award-winning booklet breaks new flooring via demanding conventional options of group in political conception. William Corlett brings the varied (and occasionally contradictory) paintings of Foucault and Derrida to undergo at the considered Pocock, Burke, Lincoln, and McIntyre, between others, to maneuver past the normal dichotomy of "individual vs. community," arguing in its place that group is better complicated inside of a politics of difference.

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This "ironic juxtaposition" contains words that darken the illuminating distinction between the two kingdoms. One can sense Pauline traces of Rousseau or Augustine, for whom the two "kingdoms" commingle within us all, at least for the time being. The surface distinction in these illuminating paragraphs draws a line between liberal reciprocity in a contracted universe (if you move in, then we will pay you fifteen hundred dollars) and the communion of saints in an expansive universe. These are the so-called two worlds of Jimmy Carter, a tension between greed and love.

We have seen that few theoristsat least of those considered here-advocate either radical free choice or total unity, though they may accuse each other of having these tendencies. Community is bandied about easily, in part because its sense of remuneration poses no threat to hard-nosed liberals who want to allow citizens to get their best deals: property taxes are high, but consider the loveliness of the tennis courts in the nice park. Another reason for the ease with which almost anyone can support community is that its sense of communion is always available to the softhearted brothers and 32 Subjugation sisters who dreaded the day that "We are the world" became a cliche for atomistic liberals.

Political theories can be thought of as providing order for the world(s) they seek to encounter. This is not to say that political theories impose these forms on the world; it is more accurate to see any imposition involved as an attempt at self-governance. Political theories, then, do not impose order on the world in the way, for example, a sculptor might give shape and vitality to unformed clay. Rather, these theories govern themselves by giving themselves structure or orders. Ignoring any question of how the order of these theories is related to the world{s) they would encounter, there remains a question of how theories themselves are related to their order.

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