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Dimity folded her hands gracefully in her lap, and the candlelight flickered and danced in her fair hair. "I am acquainted with certain angels," she said after a few moments of deliberate silence. " Maeve was not surprised, but she felt a tremor of terror all the same. " she asked, although she knew the answer. Dimity nodded. Maeve thought frantically of Calder in this century and Aidan in the next. Even she, with all her gifts and powers, could not be in two places at once and protect both of them at the same time.

F. knew when and how to fuss over her mistress. After grooming herself and donning a simple gown of royal-blue sateen, Maeve immediately took herself across the ocean to Pennsylvania. She materialized just inside the great double doorway of the Holbrook mansion's main parlor and immediately regretted her impulsive entrance. Calder was there, standing next to the fire and brooding, but so was another man, thinner and shorter than Calder, perhaps a decade older. This second person was looking right at Maeve when she took shape, and his glass fell to the floor with a clink, spreading whiskey over the Persian rug.

Maeve was in no mood for Valerian's self-congratulations and I-told-you-so's. She knew the full extent of the ordeal she faced now, for she had felt the first tentative tugs of Lisette's power, and she was afraid. "I must go—I will need to feed and fortify myself before I do battle with the likes of Lisette," she said. Valerian clasped her hands and looked deeply into her eyes. "We're all depending on you, Maeve," he said hoarsely. " Maeve only nodded. Then, after one last sad glance at the school buildings, she interlocked her fingers over her head and vanished.

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