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By Gary W. Kronk

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Cometography is a multi-volume catalog of each comet saw all through background; this fourth quantity contains a special account from 1933 to 1959. It attracts from the main trustworthy orbits identified to pinpoint the precise position and direction of every comet. The comets are indexed in chronological order, and every access comprises information about actual visual appeal in addition to references to courses when it comes to the comet for additional analyzing. This booklet is the main whole and finished choice of comet information to be had, and offers beginner astronomers, and historians of technological know-how, with a definitive reference on comets during the a long time.

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D. 1. Using a search ephemeris published by Zweck, A. A. 03. It was described as stellar and, with a magnitude of 12, it was 2 magnitudes brighter than expected. The object was confirmed by L. E. 25, who described it as perfectly stellar, with a magnitude of 11. Cunningham was at once suspicious of the object and calculated a circular orbit based on his two positions and found a very close agreement with the asteroid Nysa (44). A comparison with the predicted position and 17 catalog of comets motion of that asteroid immediately confirmed this finding and the search for P/Schwassmann–Wachmann 2 continued.

526 (1935 Mar. 19); A. A. Wachmann and M. Beyer, BZAN, 17 (1935 Mar. 20), p. 19; E. L. Johnson, AN, 255 (1935 Mar. 21), pp. 13–16; G. van Biesbroeck and A. D. ), pp. 254–6; S. D. Tscherny, N. Rudsky, and C. Fedtke, BZAN, 17 (1935 Apr. 5), p. 23; M. Beyer, BZAN, 17 (1935 Apr. 10), p. 25; R. M. Aller, AN, 255 (1935 Apr. 20), p. 187; A. A. Wachmann, BZAN, 17 (1935 Apr. 24), p. 26; G. van Biesbroeck, PA, 43 (1935 May), p. 306; F. Kaiser, BZAN, 17 (1935 May 11), p. 29; H. Fischer, AN, 255 (1935 May 17), p.

On October 25, van Biesbroeck gave the magnitude as 15. 5, while the coma was 18 in diameter. On November 14, Jeffers photographed the comet with the 91-cm Crossley reflector and said the comet was 7 across and more diffuse. On November 23, van Biesbroeck gave the magnitude as 15, while the coma was 20 across. On December 20, van Biesbroeck gave the magnitude as 15, while the diffuse round coma was about 20 across. On December 21, van Biesbroeck obtained two 14-minute exposures of the comet at low altitude and estimated the magnitude as 14.

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