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By Maya Banks

ISBN-10: 1599981459

ISBN-13: 9781599981451

Holly Bardwell is working from her previous blunders. directly into the palms of the Colter brothers.

Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren’t searching for girls. They’re trying to find a lady. One girl they understand will percentage their lives and their beds. They’re wasting wish they’ll locate her, that's till Adam discovers Holly mendacity within the snow simply yards from their cabin. Adam understands she’s the single the minute he holds her in his palms, and once his brothers see her, they understand it too. the single challenge is convincing Holly of that fact—and keeping her from the chance of her past.

Warning, this identify comprises the next: specific intercourse, image language, ménage a quatre, violence.

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Kissing Ben had felt like two pieces of a puzzle locking together in a perfect fit. Her knees had gone weak, and the room had spun around her like a carousel. She knew in that instant that she would sleep with him. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. It was just something she had to do. An opportunity she would regret for the rest of her life if she let it pass. She also knew that he was just interested in one night. The, I’m-not-looking-for-a-relationship line he fed her between kisses in the elevator on the way up to his room had been a big tip-off.

It had to be the pregnancy hormones making her feel so loopy. After that night with Ben she had forever sworn off men like him. They were nothing but trouble. If she ever did date again—and that was a big if—she was going to find herself a quiet, average, boring guy. She’d take safe and unexciting over sizzling and sexy any day. She poked the solid mass of his chest with her index finger, feeling his body-heat soak through the silky softness of his sweater, enjoying the look of surprise on his face.

She hadn’t told him much of anything about herself. Not that he’d asked. He hadn’t been looking for conversation, just a sweet, warm body to lose himself in. Kind of like a Christmas present to himself. By the time he realized he wanted more, she’d already disappeared. She lifted her chin and looked him in the eye. ” Tess bit her lip and her cheeks flushed bright pink. It would have been charming if he believed it were anything but an act. “Maybe you don’t remember, but we used protection,” he said, sure that she would come up with some creative excuse why the condom had failed.

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