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By Hugh Nibley

One very important key to realizing glossy civilization is a familiarity with its historic heritage. Many smooth rules and practices — social, political, or even fiscal — have cleared parallels and antiquity. A cautious examine of those forerunners of our traditions, particularity as they contributed to the downfall of previous civilizations, can assist us keep away from many of the errors of our predecessors.

The historic State, through Hugh Nibley, is a thought-provoking exam of elements of historical tradition, from using marked arrows to the strangely common perception of kinship, from argument from quite a few faculties of philosophy to the increase of rhetoric. writer Hugh Nibley brings his traditional meticulous examine and scholarship to undergo during this enlightening number of essays and lectures.

It has been stated that purely via studying the teachings of historical past do we wish to prevent repeating them. For pupil and beginner alike, The historical State is a precious resource of such learning.

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V. Though the arrow rules the world, its victory is not final. For over against its claims must be set the equally valid and venerable claims of the Black-Earth, the Mother of Gods and Men, inculcating the deep conviction that a man can possess only the earth he “quickens,” all other ownership coming under the head of fraud. 108 The hunter’s arrow, on the other hand, marked with his noble “crest,” gives him, within the limits of a preserve necessarily much vaster than that of any farmer, the divine right to possess and dominate whatever it can reach.

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