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By Luca Tommasi, Mary A. Peterson, Lynn Nadel

ISBN-10: 0262012936

ISBN-13: 9780262012935

Long ago few many years, resources of thought within the multidisciplinary box of cognitive technological know-how have widened. as well as ongoing important paintings in cognitive and affective neuroscience, vital new paintings is being performed on the intersection of psychology and the organic sciences normally. This quantity bargains an outline of the cross-disciplinary integration of evolutionary and developmental ways to cognition in gentle of those fascinating new contributions from the existence sciences.

This study has explored many cognitive talents in quite a lot of organisms and developmental phases, and effects have published the character and beginning of many cases of the cognitive lifetime of organisms. every one portion of Cognitive Biology offers with a key area of cognition: spatial cognition; the relationships between realization, belief, and studying; representations of numbers and financial values; and social cognition. participants speak about each one subject from the views of psychology and neuroscience, mind conception and modeling, evolutionary idea, ecology, genetics, and developmental science.

Contributors: Chris M. poultry, Elizabeth M. Brannon, Neil Burgess, Jessica F. Cantlon, Stanislas Dehaene, Christian F. Doeller, Reuven Dukas, Rochel Gelman, Alexander Gerganov, Paul W. Glimcher, Robert L. Goldstone, Edward M. Hubbard, Lucia F. Jacobs, Mark H. Johnson, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, David Landy, Lynn Nadel, Nora S. Newcombe, Daniel Osorio, Mary A. Peterson, Manuela Piazza, Philippe Pinel, Michael L. Platt, Kristin R. Ratliff, Michael E. Roberts, Wendy S. Shallcross, Stephen V. Shepherd, Sylvain Sirois, Luca Tommasi, Alessandro Treves, Alexandra Twyman, Giorgio Vallortigara

Vienna sequence in Theoretical Biology

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