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By Elizabeth Anne Benard

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This is often the 1st monograph which examines the infrequent Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess, Chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and types (namarupa) and their symbolism by means of evaluating and contrasting her sadhanas (spiritual practices) in Hinduism and Buddhism. the complete Hindu ''Chinnamastatantra'' part from the Sakta Pramoda, the Buddhist ''Chinnamunda Vajravarahisadhana'' and the ''Trikayavajrayoginistuti'' are translated for the 1st time into English. due to the fact that Chinnamasta is an extraordinary goddess, her texts weren't popularized or made ''fashionable'' based on the dictates of a selected staff at a selected time. The earliest extant texts date from the 9th and 10th centuries-a time while Hindu and Buddhist Tantras have been constructing below universal affects within the comparable locations in India. Having such texts approximately Chinnamasta Chinnamasta from those centuries, you'll start to comprehend the mutuality of a common Tantric culture and the exclusivity of a specific Hindu or Buddhist Tantric culture. consequently the examine, not just examines Chinnamasta, but additionally makes an attempt to appreciate what's a Tantric culture.

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Tter reason is to become liberated but the mundane reasons are numerous. 21f0, the practitioner is told that he/she can attain good fortune, happiness, longevity, be able to make all kings subservient, be free from diseases, attain poetic talents, captivate people, cause death to one's enemies, attain siddhis, etc. ' 4 Each attainment requires particular offerings and a certain amount of time. 3~ Other mundane attainments arc included in the 'six ~cts' (~acjkarman). -ma), and to kill (mara1)a).

Standing in its centre is Chinnarnasra effulgent as ten million suns. In her left hand she holds her own head, her mouth is' wide 9pcn with the tip of her tongue lolling. She drinks the sanguinary stream issuing from her own throat; her dishevelled hair is decorated with various flowers. l\ necklace. She is nude, terrible to behold, and stands in the pratyali(jha stance. Wearing a bone rosary, having full breasts, and having a snake as her sacred thread, she is perpetually sixteen years old. , Rati is on top).

Jiuc AnnJis: 392ff for sTung nyid tin~ 'dzin rdo rje's biography. lt H. Also Mitrayogi tncludcs an initiation of Chinnamut:~c:la with twelve deities in his 100 sadhana cycle. I Its hiogrt~phy is in the The Blue Anmls: 10_30ff.. l: 218. Also sec 1he Blue Annals 1087 for Rah dga ·s biography. -J, Vol1: 27. 2:7- 35. 70. 71. Sec Dargyay, E. 2:SS-63. ·(The author assigns the date SSO u. , 'The Purificatory (~ern and tts Cleaning: A Late Tibetan Polemical Dtscussion of Apocryphal Texts', Hiscorv of Religions, Feb.

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