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Ar Rx. 3-7 REFERENCES 37. 38: 36222 41. 6123e 45. 67: 108605~ 38. 42: 1209h 42. 56: 5943d 46. 7 9 66254y 39. ss: 114sJd 43. 69. 76826u 40. 45: 2619b 44. 4. 4-l), included some 5-phenyl intermediates (Eq. 39). The yields are generally excellent. Organometallic azides add smoothly to acetylenes (Eqs. 4-3)49derivatives hydrolyze in near quantative yield. 4-4) followed by hydrolysis (Eq. 42)" is another attractive route. 4-5. " Except for Ph and 9-anthryl (SO and 60°/0), the yields are 80 to 90%. 4-6 H Ar = Ph, 4-MeOPh, 4-CIPh.

1,4-Alkyl- or Aryl-Disubstituted lH-1,2,3-Triazoles 4 9 6242c -4-acetaldehyde, I-phenyl-, oxime 1-(2-acetamido-2-deoxy-~-D-glucopyranosyl)-4-phenyl72: 371811 1-(2-acetamido-2-deoxy-~-D-glucopyranosyl)-4-phenyl-, 72: 371th 3',4',6'-triacetate ester - 1-acetic acid, 4(or 5)-(I-hydroxycyclohexy1)-, 60: 15859d ethyl ester - 1-acetic acid, 4(or 5)-(1-hydroxyethy1)-, 60. 15859d ethyl ester - 1-acetic acid, 4-(hydroxy-l-methylethyl)-, 60: 15859d ethyl ester -1-acetic acid, 4-phenyl8 0 108451~ - I-acetic acid, 4(or 5)-phenyl60: 1585W - 1-acetic acid.

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