Download Georges Bataille: Phenomenology and Phantasmatology by Rodolphe Gasché PDF

By Rodolphe Gasché

ISBN-10: 0804776075

ISBN-13: 9780804776073

This publication investigates what Bataille, in "The Pineal Eye," calls mythological illustration: the mythological anthropology with which this strange philosopher wanted to outflank and undo clinical (and philosophical) anthropology. Gasché probes that anthropology by means of situating Bataille's notion with recognize to the quatrumvirate of Schelling, Hegel, Nietzsche, and Freud. He starts by means of displaying what Bataille's knowing of the mythological owes to Schelling. Drawing on Hegel, Nietzsche, and Freud, he then explores the concept of photo that constitutes one of these illustration that Bataille's cutting edge method includes. Gasché concludes that Bataille's mythological anthropology takes on Hegel's phenomenology in a scientific type. by means of analyzing it backwards, he not just dismantles its structure, he additionally ties each one point to the previous one, exchanging the idealities of philosophy with the phantasmatic representations of what he dubs "low materialism." Phenomenology, Gasché argues, therefore paves the best way for a brand new "science" of phantasms.

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Download The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides, M. Friedlander PDF

By Moses Maimonides, M. Friedlander

ISBN-10: 0486203514

ISBN-13: 9780486203515

Nice vintage of medieval Judaism, significant try to reconcile printed faith— Pentateuch, commentaries — and Aristotelian philosophy. greatly very important in all Western idea. contains lifetime of Maimonides, research of The advisor, indexes of quotations from Scripture, Talmud. Unabridged Friedlander translation. 50-page advent. "...a nice effect on Jewish and Christian scholasticism." — Jewish Civic Press.

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Download Mysticism Examined: Philosophical Inquiries into Mysticism by Richard H. Jones PDF

By Richard H. Jones

ISBN-10: 0791414361

ISBN-13: 9780791414361

In this selection of revised released articles, Richard Jones examines a variety of subject matters with regards to the philosophy of mysticism: 

  • experience and conceptualization in mystical knowledge, 
  • knowledge and unknowing within the Isa Upanishad, 
  • rationality and mysticism, 
  • the nature of the Buddhist Nagarjuna's arguments, 
  • mystical makes use of of language,
  • a critique of Joseph Needham's writings on Taoism, 
  • the non secular irrelevance of the Ontological Argument, 
  • a critique of Carl Jung's writings on Asian spiritual traditions, 
  • mysticism and morality,
  • Theravada Buddhism and morality. 

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Download Passage Meditation: Bringing the Deep Wisdom of the Heart by Eknath Easwaran PDF

By Eknath Easwaran

ISBN-10: 1586380265

ISBN-13: 9781586380267

Pioneered by way of religious grasp Eknath Easwaran, passage meditation involves memorizing an inspirational religious passage after which sending it deep into recognition via gradual, sustained awareness. It retains meditation clean and sundry simply because readers can choose the passages — from one culture or many — that embrace their selected beliefs. Many readers additionally benefit from the passages for his or her poetic and highbrow attraction. this kind of meditation bargains the entire richness and intensity of conventional knowledge, including a realistic technique for bringing that knowledge into way of life. The publication situates passage meditation as a part of Easwaran’s eight-point software that, in response to conventional religious practices yet adjusted for contemporary existence, indicates readers easy methods to remain calm and concentrated at paintings and residential. This version encompasses a new preface of formerly unpublished fabric by way of Easwaran and an epilogue that explains the tale in the back of the booklet and invitations new readers to affix the writer in this event within the “world within.”

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Download The Book of the Breast by Robert Anton Wilson PDF

By Robert Anton Wilson

ISBN-10: 0872233847

ISBN-13: 9780872233843

Wilson takes you on a trip via esoterica, explaining why Eve within the Bible and Eris in Greek fantasy have been either concerned with nefarious apples...Why attitudes towards the feminine breast correlate with struggle and peace...Why the nice Goddess of the ancients went to Hell and why so much folks visit Hell in our desires occasionally...Why girl pacifists baring their breasts in entrance of the Pentagon have been unconsciously repeating an historic ritual...Why celibates have burned such a lot of "witches" ... and lots more and plenty, even more !!

Robert Anton Wilson's "Book of the Breast" was once his fourth publication. Now published via New Falcon Publishing below the indiscriminating name of "Ishtar Rising." The variation that i'm reviewing is of the Playboy Press variation that is really various, that is why i'm making the excellence. even supposing the textual content is identical, through the booklet there are photos of Playboy Pin-Ups which upload to the entire satisfaction of the e-book and serves its goal in getting around the notion of the e-book. the recent Falcon version is all kind and some non-Playboy graphics inserted. The ebook nonetheless was once nice. Wilson makes many fantastic arguments in regards to the Breast and the way we should always be adoring the Breast, now not forsaking it, or locking it out of society as though it have been the satan incarnate which rose upon women's Breasts for males to gawk and lose their clinical intent. all through background, at the very least from the Judaica-Hebrew inception on all through time up until eventually concerning the 20's was once intercourse, girls and the other kind of so-called deviant concept used to be thought of heretical. R. A. Wilson offers an amalgum of references and quotations and places it jointly in a cohesive logical and thought-provoking demeanour, which i think is his uniqueness. His comprehension and retension point of knowledge fascinates me and this can be another testimony to that trait of his that he makes use of so good in his writing. hugely reccomended! i might recommend, although, that you just look for this model earlier than settling for the recent Falcon variation. even if I absolutely help the library of latest Falcon (as they one among my favourite publishers). The Playboy version is a bit tricky to discover and you can pay a number of funds additional, yet for the adventure of it, i feel it's worthy it.
Though this publication is released by means of Playboy Press, its now not xxx or porn. photos of topless women are integrated to demonstrate definite issues of view.

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Download The Torah: The Five Books of Moses by The Jewish Publication Society PDF

By The Jewish Publication Society

Does it desire an introduction?
Fact? Fiction? Literal? Esoteric? trustworthy? the entire above? not one of the above??
Your choice.
The vintage from the center East to a couple sure ends of the Earth, anyplace which may be.
The middle of the Jewish Bible ( popularly referred to as a part of the "Old Testament" ), the 5 books of Moses.

Book 1: Genesis (Bereshith)
Book 2: Exodus (Shemoth)
Book three: Leviticus (Vayikra)
Book four: Numbers (Bemidbar)
Book five: Deuteronomy (Va'ethchanan)

OCR text.
The 3rd version of the JPS translation in 1992.
Digital replica is similar, purely, now digital.
Translation of the Holy Scriptures in line with the Masoretic textual content, first section.
Table of Scriptural readings according to the weekly Parashat in Judaism;
example: "BERESHIT 1.1–6.8, NOAH· 6.9–11.32, LEKH LEKHA 12.1–17.27, VA-YERA’ 18.1–22.24, etc".

A pattern of this JPS translation:

"When God started to create heaven and earth"

(a footnote reads: "a) Others “In the start God created.”)
It places a particularly precise point of view at the probabilities of translating this advanced paintings.

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Download Oracle of the Illuminati by William Henry PDF

By William Henry

Bargains an interpretation of old gateway tales of the Illuminati, together with vital discoveries approximately: the production of crop circles; the language of sunshine; the secrets and techniques that Jesus, Leonardo and Salvador Dali shared; how nanotechnology can help construct the recent Atlantis; and, how the human physique stocks the layout of the ark of the covenant.

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Download Livre de la vie by Teresa of Ávila PDF

By Teresa of Ávila

ISBN-10: 2070459497

ISBN-13: 9782070459490

Dans cette autobiographie spirituelle, achevée en 1562, Thérèse d'Avila montre l. a. valeur providentielle de ce qui lui arrive (son entrée au couvent, los angeles grave maladie qui l. a. frappe, ses visions, enfin sa réforme du Carmel). Consciente des contraintes de los angeles vie matérielle, elle a voulu que ses beginners sachent lire et écrire, afin d'accueillir des femmes d'esprit, capables de résister à los angeles tentation d'un mysticisme de pacotille. Elle a su unir, en un infrequent équilibre, spiritualité et motion. Si ce texte est toujours lu avec ardour, y compris par ceux qui ne partagent pas l. a. foi de son auteur, c'est en raison de sa portée universelle et de son originalité : l'exploration, par une femme, de son espace intérieur. Thérèse en a ecu l'intuition : dans le Livre de l. a. vie, elle ne s'adresse pas seulement à ses directeurs de moral sense mais à tous ceux qui vont l. a. lire. On découvre ainsi dans los angeles grande mystique espagnole un grand auteur.

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Download The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness by Robert S. de Ropp, Iven Lourie PDF

By Robert S. de Ropp, Iven Lourie

ISBN-10: 0895561506

ISBN-13: 9780895561503

This can be a compelling exploration of the human psyche and of the explicit ideas wherein guy can in attaining the top attainable degrees of attention. This exploration, which contains each element of human behaviour -- the instinctive, motor, emotional, and highbrow -- is, within the phrases of the writer, 'the in simple terms online game worthy enjoying' -- The grasp online game. this can be the best-known realization vintage by means of Robert S. de Ropp with over 200,000 copies bought. The ebook encouraged generations of readers on their religious direction. Scientist de Ropp's compendium offers a great creation to a number of the practices of meditation, yoga, Fourth method and different paths.

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