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This quantity documents the lawsuits of a gathering held by means of the Society for Experimental Biology that tried to figure out no matter if there are universal mechanisms of mobile harm and to discover the ways that calcium and oxygen radicals may possibly engage to generate the wear.

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NADPH is believed to be the substrate in vivo and this is provided by the increased activity of the hexose monophosphate shunt which accompanies cell stimulation. The NADPH oxidase is, in fact, a multicomponent enzyme complex which constitutes an electron transfer chain from NADPH and terminates in O2 reduction. Thus, the overall reaction catalysed by the oxidase is: NADPH + 2O2 -> 2CV + NADP+ + H + (1) Regulation of neutrophil oxidant production 37 The O 2 " generated may then dismutate either enzymically or spontaneously: 2CV + 2H + -> O 2 + H 2 O 2 (2) Further reactions of O2~ and H 2 O 2 are possible and in the presence of transition metal salts such as iron and copper salts, a complex series of redox reaction may occur, summarised as a metal-catalysed Haber-Weiss type reaction (Halliwell & Gutteridge, 1984; 1985): ( V + H2 O 2 -> OH + "OH + O2 (3) The OH which may be formed in this reaction is one of the most reactive species known in biological systems.

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