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By Andrew Sharf

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This e-book describes intimately the vicissitudes of Jewish existence within the japanese Mediterranean region, exhibiting how Jews have been suffering from the political, non secular, and fiscal turmoil of the days. Sharf bargains a hyperlink among the better-known heritage of the Jews of the Roman Empire and that of the Greek and Turkish groups of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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93 In the cities of North Africa, with their old-established Jewish communities, judaizing tendencies, as at Antioch, were contemporary with the spread of Christianity. 94 In the fifth century, a Judaeo-Christian sect arose which combined circumcision with baptism and denied the trinity. 95 On the other hand, in the countryside there were actual converts to Judaism among the native Berbers. Their numbers had been increased by Jewish refugees from the first period of Ethiopian rule over the Himyarites and, by 483, there existed a powerful Jewish Berber tribe.

7(= Haury, pp. 165-6) 65 Malalas, Dindorf, p. 455 66 Malalas, Dindorf, p. 487; Michael the Syrian, IX. 31 (= Chabot, vol. 2, p. 26z); Nau, op. , p. 489; on the correct date, cf. E. Stein, Histoire de Bas Empire, vol. 2 (Paris 1949), p. 374, note z 67 Novel 144 (= Schoell and Kroll, pp. I. 17-21 (=Krueger, 68 pp. 56-60) Basilicorum libri XX, ed. H. J. Scheltema and N. Van der Wal, GroningenGravenhage (1955), Series A, vol. 1, pp. Th. 16 and 24 (=Pharr, p. 469, 470); Sirm. Const. 6 (=Pharr, p. I2/4(=Krueger, p.

At the end of the fourth century, in defiance of the law, it was turned into a church. 97 The rescript of Theo- dosius in 423 re-affirming the inviolability of the synagogue as a place of worship was openly denounced by Simon Stylites, famed for his pillar-squatting, and the leader of monastic extremism at Antioch. '°° Nor is it 34 surprising that Justinian increased the penalties for Jews suspected of proselytizing. The political implications of Jewish influence also had their consequences. Justinian's novel of 535 prohibiting Judaism in North Africa was aimed at Jewish ascendancy among the Berbers.

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